Since 2013, the marking of the routes belonging to the St. Jacob’s Pilgrim Paths Network, shrines, other places of interest and accommodation in Lithuania has been taken care of. The Lithuanian Association of Friends of St. James Way, created in 2016 and the Association of Municipalities of St. Jacob’s Road, are full members of the European Federation of Saint James Way since 2018.

Both associations are working on the creation of necessary infrastructures for pilgrims, the dissemination of information about the Lithuanian Camino de Santiago abroad, developing international cooperation and participating in international projects in a coordinated manner.


The Roads through Lithuania

Four international roads certified by the European Institute of Cultural Roads run through Lithuania: Vilnius (493 km), Kaunas (410 km), Šiauliai (403 km) and Samogitia / Karaliaučius (269 km). The country also has an internal route, the Santiago ring, which is 1,056 kilometers long and connects the 11 sanctuaries and churches of Santiago throughout the country.

In 2016, the Government of Lithuania decided to mark 32 shrines in the country, including the Basilica of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary in Trakai and the Church of the Apostles Philip and James in the city of Vilnius. The streets are also marked with the shells of Santiago.





Viniaus Kelias Pilgrimage Route

With a length of 493 kilometers and 17 stages, the Viniaus kelias Pligrimage Route departs from the Latvian city of Skaistkalne to cross the country through Biržai, Pasvalys, Panevėžys, Anykščiai, Alanta, Molėtai, Joniškis, Dubingiai, Giedraičiai, Paberžė, Vilnius, Trakai, Onuškis, Alytus, Merkinė, and Liškivai.

Along the route you can enjoy impressive heritage legacies in Anykščiai, the city of Vilnius, UNESCO World Heritage, the magnificent natural area of Dubinguiai or the spirituality of Trakai and its monastery.


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