There are two essential objectives of the European Federation of Saint James Way. The first is to unite all the countries through which the Camino passes. The second is to involve associative actors in each of them, such as universities or socio-cultural and economic organizations, which contribute to building a common European awareness of the Camino de Santiago, conceived by the Council of Europe as a common heritage and historical model of coexistence and solidarity.

The Federation was created on May 25, 2011 (Association Law 1901 declared on 05/28/2011 N ° W432003471) with the aim of being the sole reference for the Institute of European Cultural Routes and guaranteeing the application of the ICE label (Cultural Itinerary European), created by the Council of Europe to promote a common European culture.

Since then, the European Federation works to disseminate the experiences of each community in Santiago and give coherence to the actions of the different actors in each participating country, developing high-impact joint projects aimed at attracting and expanding the European network.



The Federation is the official interlocutor with local and European authorities to share their individual experiences and give cohesion to joint actions. All with the aim of coherently managing and signaling the Camino.


It has a project manager, in charge of the secretariat and outreach work, and a steering committee made up of the management and technical team from each member territory of the Federation.



The Federation reports on all its activity and that of the member territories on the website and manages the European brand “Saint James Way”.


The Federation has its registered office in Puy-en-Velay (France), in the historic Hôtel-Dieu, a former pilgrim’s hospital, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the Camino de Santiago in France (1998).