Belgium is represented in the European Federation of Saint James Way by the Namur Province Tourism Federation, a member since 2012

This entity is in charge of promoting tourism in this province of the Walloon region, which crosses several of the roads of Santiago in Belgium.


The Roads through Belgium

A wide network of itineraries cross Belgium on the way to Santiago. To the west, via Brugensis, an important commercial route in the 15th century, and via Escaldea, which begins its route in Ghent and runs along the old towpath of the Scheldt river.

The Via Brabantica, converted as it passes through Nivelles into the Via Gallia Belgica crosses Antwerp, Bruxelas and Mons.

In the central area is the Monastic Way, where the Limburgica Way and the Mosana Way converge, which runs through Belgium from Germany to Namur.



Saint James Way in Namur Province


Namur network charter





Namur is at the crossroads of two routes that lead to Santiago de Compostela: the Via Mosana, which connects Aachen with Namur and the “Voie de Vézelay” that starts from Namur and leads to Vézelay.

In Namur you can visit the relic on the right foot of Saint Jacques, which is part of the Treasure d’Oignies, the UNESCO-listed Saint Jacques Tower, the Saint Aubain Cathedral and the Church of Saint Loup.

The route continues towards Profondeville and Dinant, with a natural and architectural heritage reflected in the villas, castles and landscapes along the Meuse river.

In Dinant contemplate the Rocher Bayard, a spectacular rocky spire about forty meters high, located on the banks of the Meuse, between Dinant and Anseremme. Visit the Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame and evoke the city where Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone, was born.

The Path continues through Hastière. Be sure to visit Freÿr Castle and its famous French gardens in Waulsort. Continue to Treignes, located in the commune of Viroinval, near the border with France, which is nicknamed “museum villa” and Oignies-en-Thiérache located in the heart of the great Ardenne forest.


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