The region Zuid-Limburg has been a member of the European Federation of Sant James way since 2018.

The region is a pioneer in the Netherlands in guiding its strategy towards spiritual tourism and treasures a rich historical and cultural heritage.


The Roads through Netherlands

The Saint James Way enters the Netherlands in the Province of Limburg in Eijsden and then follows the route Maastricht, Meerssen and Sittard. Then it goes to the Belgian Limburg city of Maaseik, after which it enters the Netherlands again in Roermond, going to Steyl and Venlo and then leaving the Netherlands to go to Germany and the German cities of Straelen, Kevelaer, Goch, and Kranenburg.

Finally entering the Netherlands again in Millingen (Gelderland province). All cities along the route have a long history when in comes to pligrimage and religión.





With 222.5 kilometers, Jacobspad Limburg has 10 stages from Millingen aan de Rijn to Eijsden. From there you can continue in Belgium.

These stages are:

Millingen aan de Rijn-Kranenburg-Goch-Kevelaer-Straelen-Steyl-Roermond- Maaseik- Sittard- Maastricht- Eijsden.

In addition, there are 33 more kilometers and two stages from Aachen to Maastricht: Aachen – Gulpen- Maastricht / Meerssen

Along its route you can visit, among others, the Rolduc abbey, a UNESCO heritage site, the Wittem monastery and pilgrimage center, the baroque jewel of the church of Houthem-St. Gerlach, The Wahlwiller Church, exponent of Dutch painting through the murals of Aad de Haas or Salviuskerk, church where you can see the oldest Romanesque murals in the Netherlands.


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