A walk along the trail of St. James through Gdańsk

An open walk to residents and tourists through the St. James Way in Gdańsk.
Along the way, we will learn about the tradition of pilgrimages in medieval Europe, on the example of Gdańsk, which as a great trade center was also a kind of a pilgrimage hub. We will hear about the so-called pilgrim plaques, which are found in large numbers in the area of ​​the former port on the Motława River. We will get to know the local cult of pilgrims related to St. Mary’s Church and finally we will join the Jacob’s Trail – leading through the streets of Gdańsk to the Church of St. Jacob.



May 12 2023


11:00 am


Meeting place: In front of the Schumann House, ul. Długa 45 in Gdańsk (at the corner, near the Neptune Fountain).
Region of Kujawsko Pomorskie


Region of Kujawsko Pomorskie
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