XII Assembly of the group of Associations of the Camino del Norte

From 20 to 22 May, the European Federation of St James’ Way was invited to participate in the 12th Assembly of the Group of Associations of the Camino del Norte, held in Potes, Cantabria, Spain. This body, chaired by Valeriano Teja Oruña, is working to be admitted to the European Federation representing the Autonomous Community of Cantabria.

The town of Vila Pouca de Aguiar (Portugal), represented by Catarina Chaves, took part in the Assembly acting as executive secretary for the European Federation, highlighting the important work of the body and the great potential of the region in relation to the various Ways of St James.


May 20 - 22 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Potes, España
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