360º Virtual tours

8 virtual 360 degree tours, with immersive and multi-language audio-guided content, allowing pilgrims to live a new experience and visit the most outstanding UNESCO sites in the project’s target territories.  The pilgrim will be able to enter emblematic places and monuments, such as the Cathedral of Puy-en-Velay (France), the Gate of Dawn (Vilnius-Lithuania), the Franciscan shrines in Assisi (Italy), the City Hall of Torun (Poland), the Oignies Treasury room in Namur (Belgium), the Douro vineyards (Portugal), the tower of the Cathedral of Oviedo (Spain) or the Pórtico de la Gloria in Santiago (Spain), among others. In total, more than 80 panoramic 360 images have been produced, with 250 additional photos and videos.

Virtual tours in the countries

In each territory, a historical person guides the pilgrim on his visit. From King Alfonso II, the first pilgrim to Santiago, to Master Mateo, creator of the magnificent Pórtico de la Gloria in the Cathedral of Santiago. From Charlemagne, promoter of the idea of Europe, to the painter Giotto, creator of the frescoes in the Basilica of San Francisco de Asís. From the scientist Copernicus, a native of Torun, to the Portuguese visionary Marqués de Pombal, creator of the first designation of origin for Porto and Douro wines. From the Grand Duke of Lithuania, founder of Vilnius, to Bishop Godescalco, the first to arrive in Santiago from the French city of Puy-en-Velay. In this way, the significant guide, the music and the special effects allow the pilgrim to make a fantastic journey through time and history.